40-year Building Recertification Inspection

GAP Engineering Consulting Group offers a wide range of 10/20/40-Year Recertification Services

Our engineers and architects perform all structural, mechanical, and electrical inspections required by 40/50/10 Year Building Recertification, and produce the required Engineering Report to satisfy a Notice of Required Recertification in Miami-Dade County and Broward County.

40-year Building Recertification Inspection


Florida-based GAP Engineering Consulting Group is comprised of Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers and Architects who have decades of experience performing building inspections worldwide in every type of climate.

Our firm performs all structural, mechanical, and electrical inspections required by 40/50/10 Year Building Recertification. We then produce the required Engineering Report to satisfy a Notice of Required Recertification in Miami-Dade County and Broward County including Miami, Coral Gables, Doral, Homestead Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hallandale, and Weston.

What is a Building Recertification Inspection?

A Licensed Professional Engineer or Architect registered in the State of Florida must prepare the 40-Year Recertification report certifying that each such building structure is electrically, mechanically, and structurally safe for continued occupancy in conformity with the minimum inspection procedural guidelines.

Florida-based GAP Engineering Consulting Group’s Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers and Architects are licensed and insured to perform building inspections and recertification inspections, as well as parking lot lighting inspections required to meet current IESNA Standards.

Who Regulates Building Property Recertification?

The Building Property Recertification is enforced by County Ordinance No. 75-34 (amended by Ordinance 92-1) in order to certify that the property is structurally and electrically safe for its intended use and occupancy.

If a building property owner receives a Notice for 40/10 Years Recertification to comply with a Section 8-11(f) of the County Code, the property owner of a building which has been in existence for forty years or longer is required to have the building inspected for the purpose of determining the general structural inspection condition of the building and the general condition of its electrical systems. In accordance with Section 8- 11(f), the property owner must submit a written Building Safety Inspection Report to the Building Official within 90 days of having received the Notice.

Section 8-11(f) Miami-Dade County

If notification that your property(s) must receive Recertification to comply with Section 8-11(f) of the Code of Miami Dade County has been issued by the Building Department  to comply with Recertification, you must hire a firm that is licensed and qualified by a Florida Architect or Engineer to perform an inspection of your property(s) and examine for proper evaluation the specific areas of Structural and Electrical concerns, as outlined in the Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines Forms. This Form must be prepared, signed, and sealed by a duly licensed and qualified Inspector.

Building Safety Inspection Program Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines

For more information in reference to the Miami-Dade 40-Year Recertification Inspection Requirements, please visit: www.miamidade.gov/pa/property_recertification

In order to comply with the terms of the Recertification Code, the completed Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines Form (Report) must be remitted back to the Building Department, within ninety (90) days of you having received their original Notice of Required Recertification.

Due to the unique legal and mandatory requirements of the 40-year recertification program, property owners are required by law to produce the appropriate engineering reports or face fines and/or eviction. A Building Official possesses the authority to withdraw occupancy permits and even to declare a building unsafe in the absence of a Recertification Report.

GAP Engineering Consulting Group Building Recertification Inspection Engineers

Our firm carries General and Professional Liability Insurance, assuring our clients that our engineers have the professional licenses, qualifications, experience, and financial strength to obtain and pay for that vital and protective insurance. The proper experience, credentials and insurance is crucial to protect the property owner’s interest.

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The Benefits of a Building Recertification Inspection

A team of engineers preparing to inspect a building for recertification.

GAP Engineering Consulting Group team of licensed and insured recertification inspection engineers provide property owners with the necessary inspections and reports to meet all of the requirements of a Notice for 40/10 Years Recertification.

Identifying weaknesses in the structural integrity of a building can help prevent safety issues for tenants, including injuries or in a worst case scenario, fatalities from a building collapse.

Identifying weaknesses in electrical systems is crucial in preventing fires and severe injury or death by electrocution from occurring.

Identifying weaknesses in mechanical systems helps prevent costly emergency repairs and allows for repairs to be budgeted.

40-year building recertifications most importantly help to maintain the building integrity which promotes a safe environment for all tenants and guests.

40 Year Structural Building Evaluation and Recertification

Section of a concrete wall exhibiting underlying cracks and possibly rebar rust stains.
  • Condition of structural elements
  • Structural damage identification

Electrical Safety Inspection

Ranks of electrcity meters in a typical tenant occupied rediential, commercial, or mixed use buidling.
  • Condition of electrical equipment
  • Electrical violations 
  • Life-safety 

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Illumination Safety Inspection

Image of an illuminated parking lot at night.
  • Only for Miami-Dade County
  • Light intensity test
  • Existing lighting survey

Infrared Safety Inspection

Infrared imaging thermographer for structural, electrical, and mechanical building inspections.
  • Written Report & Photos
  • Level II Thermography
  • Electrical systems 400A and greater

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